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Madefire is an app, available for both iOS and Android phones, which gives you access to a whole world of Motion Books alongside hundreds of conventional print comics. Recently, in partnership with DeviantArt, we released the Motion Book Tool - a completely free resource. This allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to create their own Motion Books, empowering creators to push the comic book medium in new directions.





Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three - Episode 5 by MadefireStudios
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three - Episode 5
The battered resistance regroups in the Tower of Fate while the status of the long missing Wonder Woman is revealed.
The Heroes Club - Vol. 2 #1 by MadefireStudios
The Heroes Club - Vol. 2 #1
Looking for action, adventure, laughs, and thrills? Look no further than The Heroes Club! A group of young heroes find strange adventure and over-the-top excitement in their small town often saving lives while juggling schoolwork and family time. A hero’s work is never done
Books of Blood - Issue 1: The Book of Blood by MadefireStudios
Books of Blood - Issue 1: The Book of Blood
Two paranormal researches, Reg and Mary, hire a psychic, Simon, to assist in their investigation of a haunted house found at the address of 65 Tollington Place. Simon is a showman who has his own flashy methods of drawing out spirits. What Simon ultimately summons is something that no one involved in the investigation will soon forget.

This first chapter of the Books of Blood series is Clive Barker’s legendary debut into the world of horror literature. Adapted into motion by writer Mark Alan Miller (Next Testament, Hellraiser) and artist Sam Shearon, The Book of Blood pushes the limits of the motion comic platform and the boundaries of terror.

Read on, if you dare, and discover that everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red.
Infinite Crisis - Episode 24 by MadefireStudios
Infinite Crisis - Episode 24
The battle to save the world at the center of the Multiverse comes to a dramatic conclusion. Will Lex Luthor save the day?
MONO: Pacific - Episode 5 by MadefireStudios
MONO: Pacific - Episode 5
It's 1945 and World War II is nearing it's apocalyptic conclusion.

In the Pacific Theater, the Japanese are preparing for one final, deadly gambit...and all that stands between annihilation of the American fleet is the British ape-human secret agent Mono!

From the mind of New York Times best-selling writer Brian Wood (Star Wars; X-Men) and illustrated by international sensation Sergio Sandoval (Uncharted; Batman) comes a two-fisted tale of adventure, drama, and mind-blowing action!

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Drumroll please...and the winner is...

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a busy month so far (as we all just got back from New York Comic Con a few days ago, phew!) and boy did we have fun going through the entries for the Fran Kenstein Artist Challenge—thanks again for everyone who entered or supported us, we had a blast! We hope you did, too! It was tough coming to a consensus but we eventually did…

And so without further adieu, I’d like to introduce our winner:

Congratulations Morgan Long (Felis-M) as the winner in the Fran Kenstein Artist Challenge! She really went all-out with her sample, even coloring and lettering the piece, and we felt she wonderfully captured the spirit of the character and world. Judge Dave Gibbons even went so far as to note “it has a magical quality”. 

MorganLong Fran Kenstein by MadefireStudios

So excited to get the project moving forward with you on board!

Also, we were so thrilled with the quality of submissions that we have a few more announcements…first up, thank you Amelia Parris (FlossAndChaos) for your submission:

AmeliaParris Fran Kenstein2 by MadefireStudios

and John McGuinness

JohnMcGuinness Fran Kenstein3 by MadefireStudios

They equally did such a fine job with their samples that we’re planning on bringing them on board for some future projects we have cooking…great work you two! 

Last, but certainly not least, Rich Fuscia
(Fusciart) who not only created his sample page for the contest but also built it as a Motion Book! We were so impressed by the clever build that we’ve asked him to be the guest ‘builder’ for the Fran story—and he’s agreed to it! Hooray!

We’re absolutely thrilled at how well everything went and we’d like to thank every contestant who put time and effort into their submissions. You guys all ROCK! We’d also like to thank our panel of terrific guest judges for their help and insight and enthusiasm!

Until the next challenge!



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